Letters to the Editor

Kohlmann not our type of person

Residents of Surfside Beach, wake up.

This candidate for Town Council, Beth Kohlmann, is the very one that had to be taken out of a Town Council meeting on April 26, by a uniformed police officer because of her disrespectful speech during public comments.

Turning her back on council and telling them that “I’m going to do something that’s not normally done but I’m from New York and this is what we do.”

Do we really care what they do in New York? Read her disrespectful remarks to council in the past minutes. This is not the type of person that we want to represent our town of Surfside Beach.

Your choice will be easy on Aug. 7, please vote for Vicki Blair, a 27-year resident of Surfside Beach.

The writer lives in Surfside Beach.