Letters to the Editor

Seat belt laws a cash cow for police

I was making a two- block dash to the store the other day and was greeted upon my arrival with a visit from the Highway Patrol. I was not wearing a seat belt. Although I wear a seatbelt 90 percent of the time, I chalked this one up to bad timing on my part. While I awaited my citation I pondered a couple things. If my personal safety is so important to our beloved government, why is it that nine months per year approximately 75 million children are riding government vehicles to and from school daily with no seat belts provided?

Also, since simply mailing in the fine is now allowed in lieu of a court appearance why not provide the police with charge card machines so you could merely swipe your ticket? This would provide the state with a quicker access to more funding so they could see to it that all of us can live happier and safer lives.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.