Letters to the Editor

Lawmaker should be on same health care they passed

Re July 29 letter by Tim W. Jessup, “Health care politics make me sick”

Mr. Jessup’s letter is another in a large volume of letters that were for and against the proposed health care plan facing the citizens of America. Unfortunately, the plight of the child Mr. Jessup describes in his letter is a common occurrence throughout our nation. We have read many letters about illegals accessing our health care system, increased taxes to pay for Obamcare, why this country should pass legislation for America to cover our entire population similar to the Canadian, British, Scandinavian, Western European and all single payment health care systems, people that suffer from dropped health insurance coverage, pre-existing conditions not covered, physicians not adequately compensated by federal programs and of course, sky-high insurance premiums.

The result is that America is suffering, as Mr. Jessup describes, from the sickness of present day health care politics. It does not matter what political party you belong to or what is your ideology. What is incredible is that very few, if any, letter writers have complained about those elected to represent us in our nation’s capital who are actually representing themselves on health care coverage. Why should we allow our elected representatives plan health care reform for the nation and require us by law to pay both out-of-pocket and through taxes to fund a plan that most likely will be sub-quality? This plan will be required for all legal U.S. citizens except for our elected representatives. We citizens should demand to be on the same plan that they have bestowed upon themselves at our tax-paying expense. If we are to have less than what they have given to themselves, then they should be included in our mandatory plan and abolish the current self-bestowed plan that we are paying for.

It is our tax dollars, our personal, and family’s lives at stake here. Our elected representatives and appointed officials would not want sub-quality health care for themselves or their families and therefore would not allow quality to diminish and/or costs to escalate. It is time for our elected representatives and appointed officials to join us in what they are currently planning for our good.

The writer lives in Pawleys Island.