Letters to the Editor

Last man standing on marriage

For those who argue that same sex marriage does not violate God’s law as stated in the Bible, they should know that their view contradicts the view of the Roman Catholic Church, the Franklin Graham ministry, the coalition of African American Pastors, as well as other Christian ministries.

The Catholic Advocate president was quoted as saying that, “Marriage was created long before any government came into existence. It is a settled issue in the eyes of the Catholic Church and should not be redefined.” The Catholic Church is strongly opposed to same sex marriage because it violates the Bible -- the Word of God.

Franklin Graham is quoted, “However, there is no place for compromise on straightforward moral issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage. God has given us clear biblical direction that we must follow and obey.”

The Coalition of African American Pastors recently notified the White House and demanded a meeting with the president saying, “More than anything, this is an issue of biblical principles (Same sex marriage) and President Obama is carrying our nation down a dangerous road. Many African Americans were once proud of our president but now many are ashamed of his actions.”

Each group cited above has issued the same opinion that same sex marriage is an abomination and their opinion is based on the Bible. Common sense tells us that the Catholic Church, the Graham ministry, and the Coalition of African American Pastors are more knowledgeable of Scripture than the critics who stubbornly and unreasonably argue that same sex marriage is not condemned by God.

From the foregoing, a reasonable thinking person can only deduce that God created Adam and Eve. God told them to go forward and multiply. God did not give the homosexuals the right or the ability to marry and reproduce.

I feel like the last man standing. Where is the Christian community when God’s Word is being mocked, assaulted and ridiculed? Historically Christians stood by and did or said nothing when the courts legalized abortion, removed the Ten Commandments from public places, took God and prayer out of the schools, etc. There are hundreds of Christian churches in the area but I don’t see the pastors speaking out. Are they afraid? Are they trying to be politically correct? Their silence is deafening. If we remain silent then we deserve to be ruled by moral lepers.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.