Letters to the Editor

Some shopping imponderables

Don’t you just love it when you see a “Buy-one, get-one-free” ad, with no price on the buy one? It takes all of my willpower to keep from grabbing my car keys and jumping in my car and burning up over $3-a-gallon-gas just to get to the store to find out what that “buy-one” costs; well duh-h-h.

Am I missing something? When gasoline prices go up, all the food prices seem to jump up with it. After scanning the store ads, I haven’t noticed food prices dropping since all the gas prices dropped considerably.

I am just a plain old country boy who was raised where we had chickens, pigs, a milk cow, and horses and mules that plowed the garden. I recently saw a store ad for turkey tenderloins. The animals we raised, we had pork tenderloins, and beef tenderloins. Will someone please explain to me, where is the tenderloin on the turkey?

The writer lives in Little River.