Letters to the Editor

We need to work across party lines

As I read the letters to the editor and opinion columns and the comments following those letters and columns each day, it becomes painfully obvious those of us posting on these pages apparently see no way to come to any kind of agreement on any subject. For whatever reason, we seem to be more divided than ever, with an “us vs them” mentality that ensures we won’t be able to come together any time soon. Meanwhile, this country has problems needing to be addressed and no one in Congress is willing to even bring them up this close to the presidential election.

Who can we blame for this mess? Each side says it’s the other’s fault, but that would mean one side would have to be wrong. Perhaps it’s both sides’ fault. Someone asked the question the other day on one of the sites I was posting on: “Are we merely reflecting the actions of our elected representatives in Washington or are they merely reflecting our actions?”

Whichever way it is, it seems if we don’t figure out a way to begin working together for the good of our country, it will become worse than it is today. Which of us is willing to take that first step toward working with someone on the other side of the aisle? And which of us is willing to write our elected representatives and tell them they need to start doing the same thing? I’m willing. Are you?

The writer lives in Fair Bluff, N.C.