Letters to the Editor

Acceptance coming, but not by Bible

In his July 28 letter, “Acceptance of gay marriage is inevitable,” Al Lauer didn’t go far enough in his analysis of the evolution of our societal values. After all, we live in the heyday of relativism. The shift is massive and extends to homosexuality, abortion, masturbation, marijuana use, the provision of pornography to public library patrons, sex ed for tots, euthanasia, cohabitation without marriage, and the list goes on.

His opinion will probably play out as he predicts, but not for the reasons he gives, for example, he cites provisions of the Old Testament without noting that for Christians they were largely fulfilled and replaced by the New Testament. He concludes with the judgment that gay marriage is just and therefore ultimately inevitable.

I only ask that he cite his source. A relativist judgment still requires a consensus if it is to have any social acceptance. Shouldn’t his judgment be written down and preserved for the benefit of others? What, a relativist Bible?

The writer lives in Pawleys Island.