Letters to the Editor

Racism in politics continues

I can’t help but wonder how much of the political climate is being ruled by prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness. I say this because lately some really strange things have been happening that don’t compute.

For instance, there is the great attack (even after it has passed the Congress and been approved by the Supreme Court) on the Affordable Care Act. This is clearly a piece of legislation that has been worked on and discussed in Congress from the time of Teddy Roosevelt. Though amended and watered down considerably, it is still the first step in humanly providing health care to all in need. Still, people who have never read the legislation shout out against it, and call it “ObamaCare.”

We didn’t call the legislation that went into effect on Franklin Roosevelt’s watch “Roosevelt Security” rather than Social Security. We didn’t call the legislation that went into effect in Lyndon Johnson’s term “Johnson Care” instead of Medicare. But now the tone and irrational vindictiveness about this legislation seems to have moved from irrational to viral.

Also out of the blue, an old racist attempt to block black people from voting has returned to the scene. In South Carolina, $1 million of our hard earned money is going into passing this nonsense. After being blocked in the courts for being the obvious racist legislation that it is, it is now being appealed and appealed. Obviously and undisputedly, more legitimate votes will be cast out under this legislation than were ever tampered with or made inappropriately. (I personally am not going to vote for anybody in the state legislature who has voted for this racist law that is robbing us of our taxes.)

Clearly, behind both of these enigmas (and a lot of others that space does not permit) is the ugly fact of our continued racism. The Affordable Care Act is being blocked not because of what it says (have you read it?), but because Obama was for it and was in office when it passed. Large numbers of people are clearly against everything that Obama is for. Clearly, racism (with a bit of sick politics that tries to block the black vote) is behind this antiquated irrational voter ID law.

When Obama went into office, many of us hoped that this un-American blight on our countries politics might finally be over. I don’t understand this continued prejudice. How much evidence do we need, how much pain has to be inflicted before this drag on our political life is over, and we can move on to pass legislation that will be in the interest of absolutely everyone? We must find a way to erase prejudicial thoughts from our minds, but we certainly must erase them immediately from our politics. How long must we wait? How long!

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.