Letters to the Editor

Civil society wouldn’t tolerate abortion

Abortion. Ah yes, abortion. The gravest sin against humanity of all time. It absolutely astonishes me how a civilized society such as we tolerate abortion. Maybe we aren’t civilized. I think that is more the case. We need to only to look around us.

Abortion is an issue that requires thought – serious thought. Unfortunately, those who are so vocal in favor of abortion obviously have not given the procedure much thought. Abortion has nothing to do with a woman’s right to her own body. Abortion has to do with ending the life of an unborn baby – a human person on the way to full development with human rights – the right to be born.

I often think of what has been lost with abortion. How many talented people have been lost; people who may have answers to many of life’s problems? Perhaps, a cure for cancer or a cure for Parkinson’s disease or muscular dystrophy. What are we throwing away?

Let’s talk about late term abortion. The thought of it is just so upsetting. Almost a full term baby; its head delivered. Scissors penetrate the head. The baby dies. A dead baby is delivered, dropped in a waste can and on to a garbage bin and then a dumpster. Its final resting place: the dump. An almost full term baby that could have been delivered and put up for adoption. Such inhumanity.

Oh, yes, it’s good for the mother. What’s good for the mother is that she doesn’t have the responsibility of a child. She’ll get pregnant again until the next abortion. That’s what good for the mother.

Are pro-abortionists thinking about this issue? Thinking? That’s a tough word. Thinking requires intelligence.

And, we consider ourselves a civilized society. What a joke.

The writer lives in Pawleys Island.