Letters to the Editor

Unpacking Obama’s logic on success

After hearing our president’s speech about a successful business not being made by its owner, having been one, I was infuriated.

After a cooling off period and a few cocktails, I saw parallels to his way of thinking. Allow me to illustrate.

Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, Joe DiMaggio and Hank Aaron never made a home run, not even a base hit. This was made by grounds keepers who enabled that event by putting chalk lines and bases in place so they would know where to run.

Joe Namath, Bart Star, Brett Favre, Tom Brady? They’re nobodies without people painting gridirons so they would know where to throw the pig skin.

I could go on with more examples of this idiocy, but I think this may enlighten those that have a modicum of intelligence. Our president does not want achievers rewarded. He resents it.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.