Letters to the Editor

Kohlmann a good person and a good fit for Surfside Beach

Beth Kohlmann is a good friend, a neighbor, a wonderful wife and mother. We’ve never known Beth not to do what is right. She just lives her life that way. Some people like Beth just don’t realize how special they are; they’re always there when you call, they share, not expecting a thing in return. They give so much to their community and to our veterans, so much more than you will ever hear. She’s just a giving, loving person not calling attention to any or all that this woman has done!

Beth has taught us so much about living! We know her to be so honest and fair and such a hard, dedicated worker in whatever she does. She will be such an asset to the Surfside Beach Town Council. She will always finish what she starts, she is someone you can approach and talk with, and someone you can always count on.

The writer lives in Surfside Beach.