Letters to the Editor

Local taxes subsidizing wrong targets

CCU President David DeCenzo gets $1 million retirement annuity! Owners of single-family homes in Myrtle Beach get 90 percent of their property tax subsidized by penny sales tax, while renters get nothing. Grossly unjust! It is not just tourists paying the taxes of property owners in the Dunes. It is residents of Carolina Forest, Socastee, North Myrtle Beach, Loris, and surrounding areas.

The use of any portion of the $20 million revenue from the penny sales tax to subsidize a chosen group of Myrtle Beach residents is discriminatory and offensive. The use of Horry County’s education penny sales tax to subsidize CCU, a state university, is wrong; DeCenzo’s receiving $100,000 annual retirement annuity is outrageous. Does this president not already have a retirement plan? Is this payout a special added bonus?

Two letters appeared in Thursday’s Sun News: one criticizing crass commercialism in Myrtle Beach, the other lambasting the sale and display of obscene clothing. Both individuals, perennial visitors to this area, vow not to return.

Eliminate the property tax subsidy. Install lights at deadly intersections, clean up litter, reduce crime, plant flowers and trees, enhance family-friendly environs, and the visitors will come.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.