Letters to the Editor

Guns not to blame in Colorado

The tragedy that occurred in Colorado was just that, a very terrible tragedy.

Gun control advocates are now yelling “See we told you so, if we only had more and better gun control laws, this would have never happened.”

Out of respect for the dead and injured this appears like a sound, logical statement. However I suggest that a closer look at the facts will prove otherwise.

The statement “more gun laws will curb violence” has been shown over and over not to be true. The people who are prone to violence pay no attention for nor have any regard for laws. If by enacting laws it would put a stop to criminal acts, think about all the drug laws on the books. If the anti-gunners theory were correct, it would follow that there would be no drugs nor drug abuse.

There are some quite serious laws in effect now preventing the murder of someone. The nutcase in Colorado was not deterred by those laws. So explain to me how stricter gun laws would have stopped him.

Would you have me believe prior to the invention of gunpowder, no one was ever murdered ? Lets just say for argument’s sake that a giant space ship from another planet came to Earth and absorbed every firearm on the planet. Wow, great, no more events like what happened in Colorado, right? Wrong.

As the suspect put up no fight when confronted outside by police, one can only wonder the outcome had he been confronted by one or more movie patrons and their legal concealed carry weapon.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.