Letters to the Editor

Weapons ban needs to be passed now

How outraged do we have to be to get our politicians of both parties to sign off on the automatic weapons law? Now the readers that own guns will panic and think they will take away my guns. Not so. You will still have them, just not the ones specifically to kill human beings. Lets face it; the Second Amendment will never be over turned.

But will our politicians bow down on their knees to the NRA or will they actually put the safety of we the people first?

Wouldn't it be great if we knew which politicians are taking money from the NRA? What a great news story that would make if some news paper would publish their names, we could vote them out of office at the first chance.

The problem is big business is running this country through our politicians. I for one will be researching this subject. May I suggest you all contact your politician of choice and voice your support for the ban on automatic weapons.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.

Editor’s note: Information on NRA contributions to politicians (as well as all political contributions) is available online at fec.gov.