Letters to the Editor

Responsibility shouldn’t be a party-line issue

Re July 24 letter by Richard Green, “Time for McIntyre to leave office”

After reading your letter to the editor concerning Rep. Mike McIntyre, along with 17 other Democrats, “crossing party lines” to vote to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt, I find it amazing that you cite that as your main reason for feeling he should be removed from office.

Your letter goes to further prove the problem in politics right now. To you, it's not about morals, accepting responsibility for your actions and representing the people. To you, it's just simply a party line.

From facts and documents that have been presented, it does appear that Eric Holder is guilty of exactly that which he's been accused. Instead of worrying about a party line, why don't you stand on the side of holding those in leadership in our country accountable and see to it that they accept responsibility for their actions?

It's time that the leaders in our country learn that they must face the responsibility for their actions. They don't get a “Get out of Jail Free” card just because they hold a political position. Holding strictly to a party line is not what makes our country great. With great freedom comes great responsibility, and part of that is accepting responsibility for your actions, which is exactly what Holder must do. Give McIntyre credit for having some standards, at least on this issue.

The writer lives in Shelbyville, Tenn.