Letters to the Editor

Take weapons of war out of civilian hands

Have we lost our collective common sense? Automatic weapons, hand grenades, tear gas?

These weapons of war belong in the hands of law enforcement and our troops, not in the hands of a 24-year-old college student. And not in shopping malls, classrooms, theaters …

We have become disengaged and abandoned our responsibilities to protect people, because of a fear of the God-like power of the NRA. We seem to have become numb to gun violence.

Real hunters, those in my own family, would never condone ownership and use of these types of weapons of war. Why do we allow these weapons to be available to anyone except those specifically protecting the country legally in combat or through police work? Why is it so easy to buy weapons of war? Why are our gun laws inadequate and so laxly enforced?

The Second Amendment addresses the right to own guns, but there is no mention about the rights of the victims that are being callously written off by the over-aggressive NRA gun lobby. Where is our outrage and where are our leaders? Are all of our politicians so afraid of the NRA that they cannot do the right thing?

It’s time to right this wrong and the time is now.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.