Letters to the Editor

Get those storm warnings off my TV screen

There are four things that are certain if you live in South Carolina in the summer.

1) There will be deaths.

2) There will be taxes.

3) There will be thunderstorms somewhere in the State on a Sunday.

4) There will be those large, annoying, unnecessary, take-up-half-the-screen storm warnings from Storm Team 2 and Live 5 News, which ruin the golf coverage or whatever you are watching.

They know it is distracting for they take it off during a commercial. Of course, what’s more important to them, watching a commercial or the TV coverage? We are not stupid, put it on in a small area of the screen, and take it off.

It is like Storm Team 2 and Live 5 News are competing on which can have the most annoying and distracting warning.

They then have the nerve to ask us to stay tuned to their station. When the show is over I can’t wait, and I hope you do also, to change the channel. Nothing is more annoying than watching the golf ball go into some large stupid map which takes up half the screen and covers the hole.

I promise if you put the warning in a small space in the corner of the screen and then take it off, I will heed your warnings. I will delay my travel, I will stay away from my windows, and I will not go out in my backyard holding a steel pole raised toward the sky.

The writer lives in Pawleys Island.