Letters to the Editor

Thanks to Myrtle Beach EMTs

In the July 24 letters to the editor I read a negative article regarding the EMTs in Horry County. My son’s recent experience was quite the opposite.

Erich, my son, was riding his bicycle northbound in the designated bicycle lane on Ocean Boulevard near 16th Avenue North. An SUV was also northbound on Ocean Boulevard. When the driver spotted his hotel, he turned right in front of my son. My son braked hard and flew over the handlebars and into and under the SUV.

The response time of the EMTs and police was one minute according to the police report. The EMTs did a great job of assessing the situation, bandaging up my son and even checking in on him in the emergency room. My husband and I are very grateful to both the EMTs and the police of Myrtle Beach for their quick response and efficient care.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.