Letters to the Editor

Outcry over dog killings just as scary

It is good that a man has been arrested for killing the dogs in Georgetown. And I will not linger too long here on the public furor from, I feel sure, a largely Christian populace, who want to eviscerate him, drag him through the streets, hang him, drown him or in general, just really mess him up a mighty little bit. No. That is, to my mind, as just as scary and mean as he’s accused of being. Justice will be served if he serves the maximum and is not allowed a plea-bargain. That is 15 years and $45,000 fine. Knock me down with a feather if he serves more than two years.

What I will speak about first, is his bond: $15,000. It is almost as much as my bond when I was arrested 31 years ago in North Carolina for six, 1-inch tall marijuana plants. Of course, that is North Carolina, the largest promoter, manufacturer and distributor of tobacco products in the world, and this is South Carolina, first in cockfighting and last in animal care. My only supposition, given the public outcry for this man's hide is that they want him to make bail so he can be subject to the public's wrath and save them the cost of a trial. I suggest he stay right where he is, and have his family move, since the local paper was thoughtful enough to make public his address.

Lastly, I would like for someone to tell me where is this public outcry and passion for the upwards of 7 million companion animals that are killed, nice and legal, in the countries shelters each year, thrown into a garbage bag, then into a dumpster and deposited in the landfill where their remains are disguised and not subject to the applied lime required by health and environmental control mandates? Where are your angry comments about the overcrowded shelters with abused and neglected animals that did not make the front pages? Are these incensed people the same ones that get their animals from a breeder or pet store with the mistaken thought that these animals are in some way superior? Are they the same ones that fail to spay and neuter and let their dogs run loose in the neighborhoods? Go ahead and spew your hateful comments people. You are sometimes more frightful than the guy they arrested.

The writer lives in Pawleys Island.