Letters to the Editor

Blame Congress for spending, not the president

Re July 17 letter by Donald Pentkowski, “Obama’s economy shows his failure”

It is interesting to read day after day in The Sun News about the terrible Obama spending all our money in America. We need a Romney because he knows how to spend the money overseas.

If Mr. Pentkowski is a born American and did not skip too many classes he should know the president does not have any money to spend. And if Mr. P. is a naturalized citizen, he had to hear it in the citizen school. And if he is neither he should keep his uninformed opinion to himself.

Our do-nothing Senate and our self-serving House of Representatives decides and spends the money. After they all got the perks in the bill it goes to the president for his signature. If he signs it the money is spent. But if he vetoes it goes back to Congress. There they need a majority to override the veto. If they succeed the money is spent if the president likes it or not. And if they cannot override the veto it is not the fault of Congress because 100 senators and 435 representatives could not receive the perks they wanted. But they will have to come up with a bill. So who is spending the money?

When will people finally realize our 20-, 30-, 40-year representatives do not care about us? If they would care we would not be in the mess we are in. Big money got them the job and big money will get what big money wants. How can we be so narrow minded to constantly blame one man for all the problems we allowed to happen? How is it that one man has a term limit and the rest of the freeloaders have a free ride?

The writer lives in Calabash, N.C.