Letters to the Editor

Obama has good record to stand on

The presidential election is now just several short months away, and many of the average voting Americans are beginning to pay more and more attention to what each of the two candidates are saying. And just what are they saying about the future of the United States?

Well, President Obama has said very little about what he has accomplished in the last three and half years, though he really has done a great deal.

It goes from the recent auto bailout saving Detroit and Central America literally millions and millions of jobs, to the ever growing popularity of the just enacted medical health legislation.

But this is just the beginning, as Obama has accomplished much more in the short time – three and half years – he has been in office, than George Bush did in his total of eight years.

But he has just never advertised this fact – until now that is. Mitt Romney on the other hand, started as the governor of Massachusetts a state-run medical health plan for the state, and it is working very well with most of the state’s population now able to afford and see a medical doctor when one is needed.

Also on the other hand, today the tea party Republicans are very much against literally any government having anything to do with medical health care for the people of this great nation, and so now is Mitt Romney who is running for the presidency of America.

President Obama literally saved millions and millions of jobs in the American auto industry – in fact, he saved the whole auto industry itself – by giving them a temporary government loan over the objections of Mitt Romney and the tea party Republicans, who both said, “Let the American auto industry go broke.”

The tea party Republicans, and supposedly now Mitt Romney, are in favor of eliminating Social Security, they are in favor of eradicating Medicaid and Medicare, they are in favor of eliminating … In fact, they often say that they want to make the federal government much, much smaller. But they are in favor of making very sure that every pregnancy goes to full term, and that the federal government will enact and control this legislation. A smaller federal government though.

I am definitely not a traditional Democrat by any means. However, I absolutely deplore the nonsense being literally preached by the tea party Republicans and the presidential candidate Mitt Romney, and I hope and trust that this letter wakes you up to just what the 99 percent are really fighting to keep.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.