Letters to the Editor

Kohlmann will serve Surfside Beach well

There are two people running for Surfside Beach Town Council. One is a former council member who lost her seat in the last election. This was good for the town. She was a disappointment during four years she served, rarely coming prepared to meetings and equally rare was her attendance at workshops and special meetings. She had a full time job and I’m sure it created some schedule conflicts. Most disappointing was her unwillingness to support the family restaurant that had been on the Surfside Beach Pier for 23 years. She takes no responsibility for that mess. The question is, why would someone who had such little time to give during the four years she served want to serve again so soon after being defeated?

Beth Kohlmann is ready and willing to serve the people of Surfside Beach with dedication and commitment to work hard and give the time required. She is a retired police officer, a mother of two and volunteers for several community aid programs. Beth cares deeply about our town and will make a great member of our town council.

The writer lives in Surfside Beach.