Letters to the Editor

Thinking before voting | GOP control has hurt state

Thinking before voting

Actions speak louder than words is an old saying, and I think it is so true today. We are coming into an election time and we are going to be hearing lots of words. As we hear these words, we bring our background and life experience in interpreting these words. We hope that we can then make a correct decision at the polls. Of course, there are some that do not pay attention to the words and just vote for the same party all the time. I know these people will never change.

In my life, I have been active in politics and served on some governing boards in three different states. I have written laws. I had support in elections from members of both parties and I have not always voted a straight ticket. As I see the politics here in South Carolina, I am concerned.

In South Carolina, the Republican Party has control of what goes on in the state. Let us take a look at some of their actions on one issue -- their running of the voting in this state.

In 2011, when it became clear there would be many candidates running for the Republican presidential nomination, the Republican Party said we need an early primary because previous elections had shown that we chose the winner. The party also said they would pay the cost of running an early primary. So changes were made and the primary date was set. When it came time for action, instead of words, the Republicans backed out and we, the taxpayers, spent our tax dollars on this primary.

Another matter in running the election was asking for a photo ID. Following the lead of Republicans across the country, the Republican controlled legislature adopted a law to require a photo ID for voting. The reason given was the fraud that occurs. There was a story in the papers about the thousands of illegal voters discovered. Several weeks later, it was shown that this was not true. Then they released the story of the dead person that voted. This story was true, yes, but it was because the person voted absentee, mailed in a ballot, and died before the Election Day. A photo ID would not have prevented this from happening. Of course, due to the past history of South Carolina of voter discrimination, this law is now under review by the national government.

Thirdly, we have the Republican controlled legislature passing a bill to change the way candidates file for election. The bill protected all the Republicans in power, but forced many challengers to be dropped from the ballots. Around the state there were many party officials that were not aware of what they did. The big questions are whether the legislators that voted for the bill understood what they were voting on, and did the person that wrote the bill want to exclude so many citizens from running for office.

Actions speak louder than words. If they cannot do the simple governing of running an election, how are they going to treat the citizens in the very complicated issues they face like health care and education? It would be wise to look at the Republicans’ actions rather than their words before you vote.

Edward Morgan

Pawleys Island