Letters to the Editor

A view on race from the other side of the political looking glass

I commend Ms. Hake for her well-written view on “Time to move past judgments on race,” July 17.

I agree, but my view is from the other side of the looking glass. My view is that there is just as much racism in the African-American community toward other racial groups as she places on Caucasians. I too am Caucasian and I voted for Rep. Scott in the 2010 election not because he was African-American or not due to him being a Republican. I voted for him because he ran on a platform that expressed my views: less taxes, less government, less spending, less regulation, a free market with supply and demand economy, and a belief that those in “real need” should be helped while those who can work should get off welfare, be productive members of society, pay taxes and be better citizens.

If Caucasians are racist because they did not vote for President Obama, what about the 95 percent of African-Americans who voted against Senator McCain? I did not vote for President Obama for a number of excellent reasons: I did not trust him; did not believe he could unite America; did not believe he could reduce the deficit; did not believe he would lower taxes, reduce regulation, reduce spending, and reduce the welfare roles; and did not believe he could keep America strong in today’s world. I believe I am still correct in those assumptions.

As for Ms. Tinubu, I will not vote for her and it is not because she is an African-American. For me race has nothing to do with it. For me it is her stated support for the health care act and support for President Obama and his agenda that I believe makes America subservient to the United Nations, Europe, Asia and unions. I too would like nothing better than to eliminate the race category on forms – even now I would rather write “Scotch/English/American.”

The writer lives in Longs.