Letters to the Editor

We don’t need the Affordable Care Act

We do not have to think about the consequences of this act, nor do we need a computer model to run so that we can see where this monstrosity is going. Just look to Canada and all of Europe and you will see the quality of care that we are going to be getting! Even our people with no health care insurance get better and faster treatment in our hospital emergency rooms than the Canadians and Europeans. In their system you can go to a general practice and be seen easily, but if you need MRIs, CAT scans and many more tests or treatments, you must wait for months! Many that can afford care come to the USA.

In this act, no one who voted for it knew all that was in it and most people still do not know. It has 21 taxes in it, including a capital gains tax of 3.8 percent on parts of some gains on the sale of our homes. They are going to hire 16,000 IRS agents to monitor your tax returns, they took $500 billion from Medicare and the list goes on and on.

The Republicans have proposed several changes that would bring down the costs of our great medical care in this country and provide insurance for preexisting conditions. Many of you know that when you receive health care insurance from your employer, you are accepted with your preexisting conditions. This is because they are a bigger group and the rules for employer insurance are different.

There are two basic changes that would be made by Republicans in their health care plan that will assure affordable insurance for us in their plan. The first is to allow us to purchase insurance across state lines and to form or join pools or associations that allow us to purchase our insurance like companies or employers do. The second is to pass tort reform so that our doctors can obtain affordable malpractice insurance and allow our doctors to only order tests that are needed and not all the ones they order as a defense against lawsuits.

I realize that this may not answer all the details that would satisfy a lot of you who support this act, but please get some facts about this act before you endorse it! Most of you have good intentions but you could be misinformed and I ask you to please think about and find out what is in this act and what it will do to your health care and our economy. Remember, government cannot run anything efficiently, as you have seen time and time again.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.