Letters to the Editor

Be vigilant at the ballpark

On Thursday evening at the Pelicans ballpark, I witnessed a most disturbing occurrence. A fan was hit with a line drive, necessitating being taken to the hospital by Myrtle Beach Fire Department ambulance.

I have worked for the Pelicans for 14 years, never having missed a game. In all that time, this was the first time that an ambulance was brought onto the field in order to help an injured person. We have had injuries in the past, but fortunately, to my knowledge, everything turned out well. Last night this person was struck so quickly that no one had an instant to react to avoid it.

Seconds after the injury occurred, General Manager Scott Brown, ushers, bystanders and other stadium personnel were immediately on the scene to assist. I cannot praise highly enough the presence of our Myrtle Beach EMS people who were right on the scene to administer their expert medical knowledge. I was particularly impressed by so many of the ballpark fans standing and applauding for our stadium personnel, the EMS responders, and especially their compassion and good wishes for the injured person. They continued this even as the ambulance circled the field to get to the maintenance gate and then to the hospital. I have only the highest praise for all of these people for their conduct and response.

Baseball is a great game and being at the ballpark for a game should be a great evening of enjoyment. Having been at so many games in my years here and knowing what has or may happen, I urge all fans, young and old alike, to be ever vigilant. We don’t want to get hurt or see this happen to anyone else. Enjoy yourself, but always be aware of the possibility of a flying object.

The writer, scoreboard operator for the Myrtle Beach Pelicans, lives in Murrells Inlet.