Letters to the Editor

Smoking bans infringe on personal freedom

Here we go again! Another city (Hartsville) is attempting to enact a smoking ban. Surfside Beach did it, and it even included the open air beaches! Are you kidding me?

Yes, I’m a smoker. No, that’s not the point. I have absolutely no problem with private businesses banning smoking in their establishments. I also have no problem going outside to smoke. That’s the point. It should be the establishment’s right to enact those rules, not government.

If you don’t want to work in an environment where smoking is allowed, don’t work there. If you don’t want to eat at a restaurant that allows smoking, don’t eat there. You have the choice.

Should all businesses ban smoking in their enclosed environments? If they’re smart, (and I’ll borrow a phrase from someone dumber than a rock), you betcha.

When did we all start looking to government for protection from ourselves? Seat belt laws. Helmet laws. Smoking bans on private property. Smoking bans on the beach.

And yet, most of those that support these policies don’t think universal health care is a good idea. Hmmm.

Where is the self righteous indignation from the right? Aren’t they opposed to too much government? Aren’t they opposed to restrictions on the free market system? I’m sure at some point they’ll speak out and espouse that God and our Founding Fathers would not object. (They just love to use God and our Founding Fathers to backup their convictions no matter how ridiculous they are).

The writer lives in Pawleys Island.