Letters to the Editor

Person who dumped dogs a monster

Re dogs dumped in canal in Georgetown County

How anyone could possibly be this cruel to anything? This was an act of pure hate and only a monster could do this.

No judge or jury could help you. No one person anywhere could save you. You are just a monster living among us and when we find out who you are we will not let you forget. We have laws that protect everything, but when it comes to animals people like this monster get away with murder. Let’s start changing the ways these criminals are treated. Maybe then they won’t think it’s so easy to kill a beautiful animal of any type.

Let’s not slap them on the wrist and give them a fine. They deserve the same they gave given to them. Let’s end the violence against animals and start living up to the name people always say. We live in a Christian nation? Well, lets act like it. Let’s do and say the same. If we are Christians, then how can this be happening? Start keeping a check on what is happening around us, and stop the cruelty now.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.