Letters to the Editor

Obama’s economy shows his failure

You can only commit economic and financial sins for so many years before you have to pay the price. Everybody is familiar with our enormous debt and runaway spending. Wasting money is the new road to prosperity. It’s not just spending madness, astronomical debt and inflationary money printing that threaten us; it’s the growing national mood of hostility toward capitalism. It’s the public’s demand for subsidies and their fierce resistance to cuts. It’s the government elevating green energy while undermining the market economy. It’s a growing and incompetent bureaucracy extending its regulations into our lives. In other words, it’s socialism.

The socialist state is the model that’s failing in Europe. They can no longer borrow enough to keep social programs intact. In some countries socialism has made them lazy, spoiled and demanding, and if Obama gets elected for another four years, the United States could become the welfare capital of the world.

With all the money Obama has spent, what are the results? High unemployment over 8 percent and a lot more in some states, an $893 billion stimulus program that didn’t help much, over regulations that cost companies too much and prevent them from hiring, green companies going bankrupt after giving them over $500 million in loans and more lobbyists in Washington after Obama promised less, and don’t forget the $1.6 trillion in debt.

These are just a few things that show Obama is not qualified to be president. He doesn’t even follow the Constitution. It’s like he has his own agenda like spending billons to solve our economic problems. We need a man like Romney, who has had a business background and knows how to solve problems. I hope everybody understands the need for change that we can believe in.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.