Letters to the Editor

Overturn Haley’s vetoes

I would like to take this chance to publicly thank the majority of our elected officials here in South Carolina. We (the voters) know that Gov. Nikki Haley has made overturning her ridiculous vetoes a full time job for you all. This is why the balance of power is so important. When the governor relentlessly fights against the state, we have others in place to make sure they do what they were elected to do – look out for the best interests of South Carolinians.

I would say Nikki Haley is a textbook definition of the “Peter Principle,” but that would insinuate that at some point she was successful. The only thing Nikki Haley has been successful at is convincing an entire state that she would make a great governor. I just hope our elected officials will again do the right thing and overturn Haley’s latest embarrassment. Last week, Haley eliminated funding for prescription drugs for AIDS patients, a nonprofit that serves sexual assault victims, nixed raises in teacher pay, eliminated money for an African-American Museum, as well as all funds for the Arts Commission, thus totally destroying it. Haley called these projects “embarrassing” and her veto eliminated dozens of jobs, even though she continues to spend money on trips to Europe and a new wardrobe for an article in Vogue!

It looks like the only groups unaffected by these asinine vetoes are rich, white males; surprise, surprise! Let’s break this down:

Drugs for AIDS patients: Thank heavens for all the medical progress that the doctors and scientist here in America have made on this awful disease – unless you are poor. If you are poor, AIDS is nothing but a death sentence for you.

Teacher pay: I understand why Haley is scared of education – had it not been for the high dropout rate in 2010, she would not have had enough people ignorant enough to vote for her. However, the dropout rate has decreased by more than 2 percent since then. Teachers have the hardest job in the world. Why can’t you at least attempt to keep up with the other 49 states where teachers are concerned?

African-American museum: Ms. Haley, I know this is news to you, but there would be no South Carolina without African-Americans. Just take a look at all the beautiful, historical buildings all over the state built by slaves.

Arts Commission: This is unforgiveable. South Carolina has a very long musical history. This state boasts some of the best symphony orchestras and live music venues in the country. The current conductor for the Boston Pops in a graduate of Furman University. I am not surprised that our governor does not know this, but I am disgusted that she doesn’t care. Shame on you, Nikki Haley!

Fellow South Carolinians, we must do two things: No. 1, we must keep the current crop of officials in office. We know how ineffective Nikki Haley is, but now we know how dangerous she can be and how much damage she can cause in such a short amount of time. We must make sure we keep the right people in office to keep her in check.

No. 2, we must unite! Teachers, African-Americans, arts supporters, and anyone else who has been a potential victim of this train wreck, we must rise as one and take her job away. People like Nikki Haley get elected by making sure the people they are out to destroy are divided. People of South Carolina, we are better than this. We will not let our state be destroyed by someone whose only priority is her own career. This is a governor who has an approval rating of 34.6 percent, one of the lowest of any governor in the country. Let’s come together and get South Carolina moving forward.

The writer lives in North Myrtle Beach.