Letters to the Editor

We need love and compassion from religion, not rules

Re July 10 letter from Jack Brandmahl, “Definition of ‘support’ determines Christian standing”

Selected passages from ancient scriptures, especially the Hebrew and Christian scriptures, have been used throughout the centuries to justify genocide, slavery, the cruel treatment of women and homosexuals (including punishment by death), opposition to birth control, just to mention a few of the atrocities that have plagued societies due to religious bigotry resulting from fear and ignorance.

Rather than Mr. Brandmahl quoting the so-called sayings of Jesus to try and prove the Bible’s “infallibility, the inerrancy and the indestructible Word of God,” why not quote the same Jesus who says that all scriptures can be summed up in two commandments: love of god and love of neighbor! Love from anyone, whether theists or non-theists is the same: it always demonstrates a concern for justice, equality and compassion. This kind of love overcomes fear, fear of difference, fear of the unknown, fear of the other.

What is at stake here is not simply the lives of lesbians and gay men, bisexuals and transgender people, as vitally and irreplaceably important as they are, but what is at stake is the very fabric of our society. Why do religionists like Mr. Brandmahl continue to choose to champion bigotry, hatred, fear, ignorance and divisiveness in the place of that which will work toward the healing of our all-ready-too fractured society, namely, justice, equality and compassion for all people?

The writer lives in Little River.