Letters to the Editor

State’s corruption cries out for new leaders

Recently, South Carolina was rated as the 8th most corrupt state in the country, politically that is. This distinction did not fall on us by accident. It turns out that our state has been nurtured and developed based on a recipe for corruption.

Part one – The lawmakers, the legislature, pick those who will ultimately judge the laws they make. (The only one of the 50 states that do so.)

Part two – Stir in the fact that each branch of the legislature is responsible for policing themselves. (The State Ethics Commission has no jurisdiction over the actions of the House or Senate members or their staff.)

Part three – Season with a little spice wherein a properly reported and recorded campaign donation is defined as “a thing of no value”! (This not only opens the door for lobbyist to bribe legislators, it screams, “Please come through this door!”)

How do we the people fix these problems? (Make no doubt about it, the current legislature is not going to change this recipe.) We must elect new legislators who are not so enamored with $10,400 a year jobs that they will spend tens of thousands every two years to keep them, and have many, many tens of thousands in their campaign chests (Gee I wonder where all that money comes from?).

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.