Letters to the Editor

Civic center would be good for beach

In the July 4 edition of The Sun News it was mentioned that a parcel of land which was to be used for a hotel for the Freestyle Music Park is to be sold.

It would be a good place for a civic center like the one in Florence that can hold huge crowds for events such as the Trans Siberian Orchestra or perhaps an opera, a ballet, a play like the ones in New York or even someone like Celine Dion. Everyone is always looking to get business here for the people, hotels, restaurants. Why not a little culture?

Florence is a big drive for many seniors who don’t like to drive at night. The Canadians would appreciate something great to see when visiting here in the cool weather. We would all benefit from a civic center. Even some big sports events could be held there. The convention center is good for just that. Conventions.

The writer lives in Little River.