Letters to the Editor

Vetoes keep us within our means

“Living within your means:” I know this is a foreign language to a lot of people, including some of the S.C. state legislators.

Gov. Nikki Haley has fought with consistency in order to keep our state in good financial health. Look, there are times when well-intended people want taxpayer support for what they think are well intended projects. Sorry to let South Carolinians know, this is not the right time to fund the well-intended projects, regardless how hard the titles of these projects tug on the heart strings.

Gov. Haley has picked the projects that affect all South Carolinians, namely our teachers, firefighters and law enforcement. The results, in terms of salary increases, may not be what they were looking for but are a lot better than what other states and municipalities are allowing at this time.

The governor is concentrating, as she should, on long term private sector jobs, not the one shot of cash projects and does not deserve the wrath of lawmakers saying she is doing just the opposite by not creating jobs.

State budgets should reflect the creation of financial stability of the state, which will attract employers of all sizes to our state, and not be a test of how good of a nanny state we are by not “living within our means”.

Gov. Haley deserves our support for what she is doing. Poke your state legislators and tell them they should support her as well.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.