Letters to the Editor

Paper delivery starts day off right

I consider myself an early riser. I turn the coffee on, go into a dark den, turn the computer on and as I sit there, waiting for start-up hum of the computer and aroma of brewing coffee to reach my senses, I see a flash of light in the dark, then hear a thump, knowing that my wonderful, faithful, paper delivery person has been up much earlier than I and has just dropped the paper off.

He/she did not drop it out at the mailbox, where the usual spot is, but here on the front steps because he/she knows we are older than dirt and have a struggle to get out there. So our day has started off being blessed and we owe a word of gratitude to a stranger who thoughtfully and perhaps unknowingly committed a random act of kindness.

Remember the old TV ad, “it’s ten o’clock and do you know where your children are?” Well, it’s 5 a.m. and I do know where my Sun News paper person is; right here in my driveway. We hope all the readers are as fortunate as we are.

The writer lives in Pawleys Island.