Letters to the Editor

Focus needed on property managers

Several months ago The Sun News published several articles on homeowners associations. Perhaps it is time to shift the focus to property managing companies.

Each homeowner should request a copy of the management contract for their community. Carefully read the provisions regarding automatic renewal options and the levying of fines. While yes, the contracts are usually signed by a community board member, it is wondered if anyone actually reads it. A homeowner will be mailed a letter saying that they have 10 days to correct a violation or they face fines. Does the same apply to the management company or are their inappropriate actions ignored and pushed aside?

Does your community have a structured fine schedule or simply a generic statement allowing fines to be levied? If there is no structured fine schedule then how is the levying of fines authorized? Is the property manager charging twice the amount of a fee they are only entitled to charge in a singular fashion? Are they signing documents that affect the homeowners without the homeowner’s knowledge?

Ask for a copy of the contract. You may be surprised at what you find in the contents.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.