Letters to the Editor

North Myrtle Beach museum deserves grant

The governor vetoed a $300,000 grant to assist with the completion of construction and renovations of the North Myrtle Beach Museum.

Governor Haley, as well as her predecessor, Mark Sanford, consistently vetoed what they consider local projects. While I highly respect the governor, I am disappointed that this money to help the museum was vetoed.

I believe the Senate can easily override the veto and I hope the House will do the same. I look at these special projects as a way to make our communities whole. I recall over the years of serving in many poor rural towns, how much help these types of grants have been to those communities. The Division of Local Government could deliver money for new wells for pumping stations, new extensions to sewer lines, or emergency repairs when the city or county did not have the money to pay for it from their own resources.

All of these local projects are not for political gain but for the gain of the communities that are in need. North Myrtle Beach is a great community and the addition of the museum will give us the opportunity to capture our historical past.

I am optimistic that this veto will be overridden.

The writer, senator for District 28, lives in North Myrtle Beach.