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Casting ballot seen

as vital privilege

Re June 14 letter “Shouldn't Have to Pay to Vote”

I am 90 years of age and was struck by the title and the remarks supporting Mr. Bolton’s comment.

It appears that he delivered the absentee ballot to the Post Office at Little River, I assume he drove. He said it cost him a $1.10 cents to mail his vote and feels the government should pay the postage.

I hope this gentleman realizes what a privilege it is to have a vote that is not bought and paid by one party or the other. Who in government would pay him without telling him how to vote? Is this what we want in the U.S.? Or is this someone that believes the government can print money for ever without inflation developing faster than it is now.

Too many people expect someone else should pay and soon the “paper we print money on will be worthless. Those that retire after working all their life will find their money won’t be able to pay $1.10 for the stamp. It's time we stopped stealing from ourselves and others, pay our own way, vote free of obligation, for the good of our nation, and for those we believe will best run the government.

Willis R. Walling

Pawleys Island

License Plates

Nothing special about

plethora of special plates

I am writing regarding your recent article concerning specialty plates in South Carolina.

It seems absurd to me that we have 370 specialty plates in this state. We seem to have a plate for every group conceivable. We truly have gotten away from the intent of specialty plates. Veterans certainly, should be recognized. Most of the others simply take away from the truly important plates. Really just another example of pandering to special interest groups.

My specialty plate? A Bronze Star plate awarded for service in Viet-Nam in 1969.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and allowing me to “vent.”

Joseph D. White


Atlantic Beach

Maybe NMB should pay

town to cancel Bikefest

I read with interest the item in Tuesday's Sun News about the Atlantic Beach Budget. The article stated that the AB profit from the 2012 Bike Fest was $42,475.33.

I'd to first say that I am not a fan of either bike event held here during May and would be thrilled for both to be cancelled permanently.. Regarding Bike Fest, I'd like to know how much North Myrtle Beach spent on additional police, fire, and rescue personnel and other costs during that time to be prepared for event overflow issues.

I'm willing to bet that the NMB cost was more than $42,475 and if I'm right, why doesn't NMB just pay Atlantic Beach $45,000 with the stipulation that Bike Fest is cancelled? Everyone would benefit, especially all the potential tourists who stay away because of biker events but who also feed our local economy with their expenditures while they are here.

Mary Garren

North Myrtle Beach