Letters to the Editor

Ode to the memory of a beloved pet

13 years ago Little Guy came into our lives

He filled spots of empty voids as he jumped and played

He maneuvered his way into our hearts with his loving eyes

He was certainly a little man with his own ways

As he grew older, my mother and aunt would spoil him rotten

He took advantage of every inch and would stretch it for a mile

They loved him, catered to him and treated him like soft cotton

Yet he was the Little Man of the house, within his bold style

As my mother and aunt grew more feeble, his wall of protection grew

Acting as God sent him to watch over them in every way

Little Guy stood by them night and day, with eyes no man could see thru

He would protect them with all he had and hold people at bay

All he wanted was to be loved, and fed

They always said he just had one meal a day

Which usually started when they awoke

And ended when they all laid down their heads

As days grew near to my moms and aunts departure

He knew their sickness was severe

Little Guy was by their side as if he was the man in charge

Always between them and who was there

When they had gone, he was so lost and lonely

His best friends had left him sad and heartbroken

Little Guy was up to finding a home

My sister and I knew he would never be alone

The Little Man came with me, I tried to give comfort

He seeing my loss was great we traveled together

I would reach out holding him as he was all I had left

We would bind our love and face life’s weather

As the years came, his love for me was great

By my side every day, sleeping on the mat

Riding in the truck was his favorite place

Both holding onto our mother’s dreams seemed our fate

Knowing one day he would depart

Keeping that day far off was my deepest concern

When it would come he would take part of my heart

A few days ago Little Guy died, these days in my heart burns, burns, burns

My little friend is gone from this life

His warmness abides still deep within

I often felt God told him to watch over me

At night I would often reach out and touch his soft hair

Now he’s gone and I feel empty within

He stood by me till he could go no more

I stood by him and loved him, he was my friend

I kissed him good bye and hugged him, will love him forevermore

Little Guy was a wonderful companion, loved, and knew how to love

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach