Letters to the Editor

Move forward now that ethics committee has ruled on Haley

I would like to commend the South Carolina House of Representatives Ethics Committee on a job well done. Last week, after a thorough examination of the accusations brought forth against Governor Nikki Haley, the committee once again found no evidence of any wrongdoing and for the second time in two months, dismissed the claims.

I would also like to commend Governor Haley for voluntarily appearing in person to answer these claims directly and clear her name, rather than simply deferring to intermediaries to answer the questions on her behalf.

During the course of these unprecedented public ethics hearings, ten witnesses came forward to testify and swear under oath that the governor did not violate the law.

Following the committees vote to dismiss the claims, House Ethics Committee Chairman, Rep. J. Roland Smith, told The New York Times, “We turned over every stone that we could to find evidence that would make a different decision. It’s over. It’s been dismissed.”

While this may have been a frustrating, laborious process for many to have gone through, it is imperative for the publics trust and we as citizens to know that when accusations of our elected officials misusing their offices for personal gain are made, that they are taken seriously and addressed.

And that is exactly what the committee and Governor Haley did.

These claims have now been dismissed or discredited twice by the House, by a judge, by a former U.S. Attorney and State Ethics Commission officials.

Now, it is in the best interest of our state to move forward.

It is time to allow the governor to return to focusing her undivided attention on the serious issues our state faces.

To continue rehashing this doesn’t do one single thing to improve the quality of life of the citizens of our state.

And in a time when some South Carolinians are struggling to make their mortgage payments or put food on their tables because they don’t have a job, we can ill afford to have our state leaders distracted by petty politics.

Like my father, the late Governor Carroll A. Campbell, Jr., Governor Haley has made job creation the hallmark of her administration and must be allowed to concentrate her efforts on this, unencumbered by unfounded accusations.

I have every bit of faith Governor Haley can achieve for South Carolina the level of prosperity we have enjoyed in the past in our state and she deserves the opportunity to do so.

Mr. Campbell is a businessman in Columbia and former candidate for Lt. Governor of South Carolina.