Letters to the Editor

Community Kitchen | Biscuit ministry in Myrtle Beach bakes up the best for the neediest

We all know that practice makes perfect -- so there's nothing better than a scrumptious homemade biscuit by Hyman and Blanche Scott.

How much practice? Believe it or not, the Community Kitchen has served more than 20,000 biscuits made by this caring couple. Each night the magic begins: the lights go on; the oven is fired up; and the mixing begins.

The end result is melt-in-your mouth goodness hand-made from the freshest ingredients. Baked the old fashioned way, the Community Kitchen is filled each morning with an aroma that brings back memories of childhood.

But even with this good news, the sad fact remains that the Community Kitchen is located in an area of concentrated poverty.

Many civic groups, individuals, businesses, foundations and faith-based organizations come together to provide a service that is critical to supporting special populations such as low- and very low-income households, elderly individuals, persons with disabilities, persons and families who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, veterans and others facing significant barriers to obtaining and maintaining a living wage.

Because of the support of caring individuals like Blanche and Hyman, the Community Kitchen is able to offer a delicious addition to our regular breakfast menu. This is a tremendous gift that helps to make the day a little brighter for our patrons.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

P.S. Anyone interested in a jelly ministry? Please call 843-444-9383.

The writers are co-directors of the Community Kitchen