Letters to the Editor

Letters: Kohlmann best choice for Surfside Beach council seat

Surfside Beach

Kohlmann best choice

for town council seat

April 24th, 2012 began a new day for Surfside Beach as Doug Samples was sworn in as our new mayor along with two new council members.

Our new mayor hit the ground running, supported by three seasoned council members, well able to guide our new team. In keeping with his commitment, Mayor Samples dispelled the myth that our council members had a title only. He made no bones that the citizens deserve a working council and his first priority was to adopt a new budget. Adopting this new budget does not put an end to our financial woes. Our council’s task is to ensure the town gets a dollar value for every buck spent as well as reallocate funds to more pressing areas.

On Aug. 7, the citizens of Surfside Beach will once again go to the polls to elect a council member to fill the council seat vacated by our mayor. We have two choices before us, go back to the same old same old, or elect a new face that supports mayor Samples.

Beth Kohlmann is that person. Her dedication to public service is unequaled, from law enforcement to parks and recreation, from Helping Hands to beautification; she’s always there to lend hand.

Let’s all support Mayor Samples and send Beth Kohlmann to council on Aug. 7.

Gene Maruca

Surfside Beach