Letters to the Editor

Affordable health care for all should be a right, not a privilege

John McNerney

The Sun News provided interesting comments regarding the Supreme Court decision on health care. How can any American oppose the concept of all Americans having affordable health care coverage?

Does anyone understand the comments of Brad Dean of the Chamber of Commerce calling it “a concept that runs counter to the free market (enterprise) that our country was founded upon?” Does Mr. Dean really believe that health care should be part of the free market system with the best health care going to the highest bidder? Shouldn't all Americans be equal when receiving health care?

Also, the reports that our U.S. Sens. Jim DeMint and Lindsey Graham along with our U.S. Rep.Tim Scott opposed this Supreme Court decision leading to millions of additional Americans being guaranteed health care; three ingrates with giant salaries and health benefits provided for life by the taxpayers.

That full lifetime coverage is what every American should receive but, for some reason, our senators and representatives can't support it for us common folks. They are correct when they argue that it would be expensive, but maybe we could give up a war or two and actually cover all of our citizens. China has somehow found the resources to provide universal health care for all of their citizens. Maybe they should be our model.

And, truly even more unbelievable, 24 hours after the Supreme Court decision, these same three men all voted against the transportation bill designed to provide millions of dollars to employ workers in rebuilding our infrastructure. Once again, they certainly wouldn't want to do anything to help the little guy.

And don't you love the response from Mitt Romney? It was the Romney staff that designed the health care plan and put it in place in Massachusetts and now he opposes the plan at the national level. You don't often see such a gigantic flip-flop, even from Romney.

I still keep wondering how any American can oppose health care and affordable insurance coverage for all other Americans? And when you see the total opposition to this decision by Republican leaders the larger question becomes how could any middle-class, working person ever vote Republican?

The writer lives in Pawleys Island.