Letters to the Editor

Thanks for Myrtle Beach, DOT for smooth ‘back gate’ project

Upon the purchase of The Market Common in January of 2011, we were told by many, including tenants and locals that the construction of the interchange would be an absolute nightmare and would hurt The Market Common.

The experience with the then existing intersection was bad. Then the work started. There was lots of discussion and fear that it would be years before it got better. However, the construction was clearly very well planned and did not make the traffic worse.

Early this summer, the crews completed the first phase with the east side of the highway and made the transition to the west side. The great team consisting of Horry County, the City of Myrtle Beach, and the SC DOT held an information event to let us and all of our tenants as well as the community aware of the traffic pattern changes and worked diligently to make sure drivers did not have to experience delays.

The transition was so well planned. It went off without a hitch. The absolutely wonderful news is that it was so well planned that the traffic congestion is gone. There are very few back ups. Our shoppers, visitors, residents, and employees are all thrilled with the shorter wait times and new traffic lanes.

There is such a long left turn lane to Farrow Parkway from the north that it no longer impedes southbound traffic. No longer do the radio and TV news stations have to talk about the “normal” congestion at the “Back Gate”.

That intersection is better than ever and it is not even complete. We would like to thank SCDOT, their contractors, and the City of Myrtle Beach for the tremendous job they are doing to make traveling in the Grand Strand better and better.

The writer is vice president and general manager of The Market Common