Letters to the Editor

Observing the Supreme Court Ruling

Thursday was a day I enjoyed being alive to see. It reminded me of 1965 and the passing of Medicare and the variety of emotion that burst forth back then. I remember one of the leading opponents to voting for Medicare was Ronald Reagan, he was the voice on all the commercials. A few prominent names that voted against Medicare were Gerald Ford, Bob Dole, George H. W. Bush, Barry Goldwater and Donald Rumsfeld. I answered a friend yesterday about things being Constitutional are not always good or may not meet our beliefs but they are still Constitutional. For me it is the Citizen United decision.

Last night I saw a poll about the people of Massachusetts and 62 percent are in favor of their health care law. They also stated the doctors like it, people are healthier and they are able to reduce premium costs. I also watched “film at 11” of the former Governor saying he would repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act with a plan that would allow children to stay on parents insurance until age 26, there would be no denying anyone with pre-existing conditions and on and on. In the end he described the plan we now have, so what is the entire repeal thing about?

I was also fascinated to see the range of statements of my friends and their friends on Facebook. The comments moved along the basis of one’s ideology. Our brain wiring is a difficult issue to change so I guess we will always have conservatives, progressives, libertarians, liberals, hopefully moderates, and folks like me…practical socialists and of course, the Tea Party. The most fascinating group is the Tea Party. They like to say they are grass roots but when you look behind the curtain as Dorothy did, you find a few folks flipping the levers and pushing the buttons.

These people have to be applauded for their effort. Where else could you get people to believe they are a grass roots movement and charge out of their moderately priced homes wearing a 1776 Patriot costume carrying a Gadsden flag in one hand and a sign in the other saying, “Don’t TAX The Rich.” If this group behind the curtain can get this lower income group to do this, they definitely need to be applauded for leadership.

At one time in this country we valued consensus building or compromise, it was a core value. Today, it's a word that has become politically incorrect. When we draw a deeper and wider line in the sand is it any wonder we call it a do-nothing Congress? How can we tell our Congressional members to stand their ground and then complain about them doing nothing?

I don’t want us to return to anything because we have always found a better way for this country. We need to continue exploring for the future that promotes an environment of success for everyone that wants to pursue it…and pay it forward for others to come.

The writer lives in Carolina Shores, N.C.