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Flow control | Get your facts straight, Mr. Weaver

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Flow control

Get facts straight,

Mr. Weaver

In a recent letter to the editor by John Weaver Esq. (Former Horry County attorney and administrator and current member of the Brittain Law Firm) the local senators were congratulated for “saving” the Solid Waste Authority and thus preserving the Horry County Landfill from encroachment from out-of-state waste.

Seems these questionable or undocumented facts should have disqualified his letter to begin with. The fact that he is a lawyer does not give him free license to spread propaganda about “out-of-state waste”. The Bill as written and amended gives the elected officials of the Horry County Council the final say on what waste they can and cannot accept. It could nix the practice by a two thirds vote of council. Under those circumstances the people would have the ear of their council and a say in the process.

The true issue here is that the SWA by virtue of its definition of solid waste already accepts waste from outside the county. The Flow Control Ordinance of Horry County classifies co-mingled or mixed stream recyclables as solid waste and they currently take that waste from North Carolina municipalities. I am sure they do not ship the residual or un-recyclable materials back to the generator, so that material ends up in the landfill. If the “Freedom to Choose” act were passed, the Horry County Council could stop this practice. Without it, we are definitely at risk.

So before we pat the good senators on the back, we may want to speak to the rest of the delegation who voted with two thirds of the rest of the state in favor of it. It was only killed by a flawed system and flawed thinking by members of our senatorial delegation.

John Abercrombie