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Letters: Timber burns have Myrtle Beach-area resident steamed

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Beach-area blazes

have resident steamed

What a sad case scenario it is that with the beautiful cool mornings we have been blessed with lately are spoiled by a smoke filled haze the last few weeks in Myrtle Beach and surfside beach. An area being stripped of its timber, in order to build another mall, is being burned and left smoldering.

This kind of lack of consideration for people with breathing disorders as well as those of us who enjoy a brisk cool morning, is horrendous. What happened to the ban on outdoor burning? Who in their right mind thinks this area needs another mall of retail shops?

It is a sad situation and I do truly believe Nelson Jackson would have cared more about his friends and neighbors than to have done this injustice. I write this with my regards for a man and his family who left a lasting legacy of love and compassion for people.

Portia Gajewski

Myrtle Beach