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Letters: Obama administration poses unprecedented threat

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Administration poses

unprecedented threat

I was born under the sign of Truman and never have I seen the dangers from within that we experience now. This administration continually sues our states instead of enforcing the law, conspires with Russians against Americans, weakens and endangers our military with social engineering, political correctness and immorality, and reveals secrets that will weaken and endanger our intelligence agents and troops.

Word constraints prohibit a detailed list of Obama's constitutional violations and oath of office, and his broken campaign promises. He is also trying to engage in dangerous treaties subjugating us to world powers in the place of our sovereign Constitution. He is doing as he said - fundamentally changing America. Why do the fundamentals of the greatest republic ever need changed? To implement his Marxist Utopia.

And my worst complaint is we have a Republican Party that either supports Obama's insanity or hides under their desks like the cowards they are. Not one Congressman has the guts to stand on the floor and demand that our borders be secured and all illegal’s deported.

The voters better wake up and oust these traitors and cowards or I fear we will not have a republic after 2012.

Earl H. Conrad

Myrtle Beach