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Flow control | Thank you, Mr. Weaver

Flow control

Thank you

Mr. Weaver

Mr. [John] Weaver, thank you for the support of flow control in your letter to the editor. As former administrator of Horry County you would best know the benefits of flow control for our county. Not many of us can see down the road when Waste Management or another national hauler will be the only garbage hauler in the county and develop a monopoly that will see an increase in tipping fees.

Will tipping fees continue as low as $29/ton or as a result of a lack of competition will there be no end to the increases in tipping fees citizens can expect? The benefits the county receives as a result of flow control through Solid Waste Authority are enough reason for continuing flow control.

We need to examine which senators and members of the House of Representatives (Nelson Hardwick and his cronies) received large amounts of campaign funds, to see who is against flow control.

Thank you to Senators Luke Rankin, Dick Elliot, Ray Cleary and others who voted for the best interests of their constituents.

Anita Moran