Letters to the Editor

Conservative letters lack accuracy, facts

Having moved to this beautiful state two years ago, I have read, with some amusement most of the diatribes submitted to the opinion page of the newspaper. Recently, four letters have appeared which need some historical correction or at least an opposing view from someone who considers himself a moderate liberal.

First we have Martin Robic in Pawleys Island blaming all problems since WWII on Democratic presidents (April 20 letter, “Democrats shouldn’t be bragging”). The Clinton administration is attacked for NAFTA as well as Somalia.

Well, let’s refer to actual history. This treaty was created, drafted and proposed by the George H.W. Bush administration. The final vote was taken shortly after Clinton assumed office, with 60 percent of Democrats voting against it, and the majority of Republicans voting in favor of the treaty. Clinton is also specifically blamed for the tragedy in Mogadishu, conveniently overlooking the fact that it was the same Bush administration which sent American troops to Somalia, not Clinton. He also omits any mention of George W. Bush and his actions in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Later, we have a May 17 letter from Jack Brandmahl in Myrtle Beach telling us there is “no wiggle room in the Bible on marriage.” His entire point seems to convince us that Obama cannot be a Christian because he supports gay marriage. My only question to Jack is this: does your logic preclude me from being a Christian because I support the concept of gay marriage? I could be terribly upset if Jack in Myrtle Beach has declared me a non-Christian.

On June 4 we are treated to two letters on the same page. The first, from John Kuczma in Myrtle Beach, is convinced that Obama is even worse than non-Christian; he is secretly leading us into communism. Yes, the President has surpassed being a socialist non-citizen non-Christian, and is now reincarnating the most dreaded word of the 1950s and ‘60s. For solid evidence, he cites numerous cabinet members and “czars” as open promoters of communism, but I did not see even one name mentioned. Perhaps he needs some evidence of his theory, and I think I can help.

On the same day we are warned of this threat, we have Ewald Brauer of Longs wanting us to all run to the tea party to take back America. He asserts that we are in the mist of another revolution. But not to worry, the teas are ready to arm themselves and “take to the streets.” My only advice here is to be careful of the guns and violence in the streets thing, we tried that without guns in the late ‘60s and some of us got hurt. The Ohio National Guard proved that they could open fire and kill even we had no weapons. Things might get dicey if you show up out there with guns.

Finally, your claim that the Constitution “is not a living document that changes with time” is not a statement that Thomas Jefferson would agree with. The Founding Fathers provided a means of doing just that by providing a process to amend the document. Jefferson wrote numerous times that he expected the document to be changed, perhaps with the needs of each new generation.

And maybe it’s time, finally, to drop the birth certificate thing.

The writer lives in Surfside Beach.